About Rysume!

Rysume is a new service for a changing industry. We've recognized the need for functionality that simply does not exist in the market place today. With more competition than ever, maximizing your profile becomes essential. Rysume accomplishes this in two main ways:

  • Streamlining Common Web Practices into Your Resume & Presentation
  • Maximizing your ability to customize your resume to an opportunity
Web pages allow more. Plain and simple. Charts. Expandable sections. Tabbed Regions. In the Less is More World, Less can be a whole more and your hiring manager may need that help to show how you stand out from the crowd. That tabbed area or expandable section may give the details that hiring manager is looking for. Let these practices maximize your ability to be seen.

Viewing your resume is only part of the story. You still need to tell the story needed to earn the role. Rysume turns your resume into a database allowing you to quickly customize and retain details that may not apply to every opportunity. It's simple functionality that's difficult to do on your own an issue many competitor's do not address.

Our goal is to provide the features top professionals need to show their skill sets in the best manner utilizing the features of today. The resume has transformed away from your work experience printed on an expensive sheet of paper.

How Rysume Works for you...

To Bring The Results You Need!

Differentiating Functionality

Simple Concepts. Powerful.

Founded by People - Like You. Our Commitment.
We know getting a job isn't easy anymore. You need everything you can to stand out from the crowd based on the content and quality that's in your resume.

Rysume is a new service with big plans. We have a number of features we will be adding to give you the best product we can to help you succeed.