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Show! Don't Tell!

As we grow into a more and more visual age - it's time for your resume to as well. If success in your field is production - show it! Rysume enables you to create charts quickly using a graphical user interface (GUI) to let you stand out from the competition! Even you don't think so - there's a lot of things that can be charted to show your progress:

  • Sales Performance - Dollars, Class Placement, # of transactions
  • Revenue Managed
  • Staff Managed
  • Book of Business Size

Even the bad part of charts can be beneficial to you. It may show weaknesses which you can speak to so that the hiring manager can understand the rationale of your logic better!

Rysume allows you to create the complete picture to allow the hiring manager to say - I'm impressed with this individual and I understand this individual. Charts help this because we are visual!

May 21, 2020