Resume Tips!

Skills Charts

Skills lists have become a passive aspect of many job networking sites because they don't tell a story anymore. Anyone can click on as many skills as they can handle until someone knows every skill! Except at the end of the day - you've lost the message of what that individual is all about.

Skills on Rysume are here to tell a story and we encourage you to use them as you need to to demonstrate your skill set. Skills grow on top of one another. Recruiters can lose sight and pigeon hole you to what you've done recently - when that may not be you at all.

Let pictures tell the story! Pie Charts give you a chance to say - I'm 50% accountant  & 25% technical & 25% financial analyst. I'm not just knowledge on one piece of software such as Oracle. You can bring things back to the terms you want to speak in to the people hiring you. Details that don't get lost in the long list!

You can tell the story of what you've worked with recently. You may not have worked with something for a while, but it's there in that old list like it's anything else you've worked with. You may want to emphasize that you still know it... or you may not. The choice is yours - but you have a mechanism to differentiate these skills!

May 21, 2020